Prairie Wild is a floral design studio based in Nebraska prioritizing the use of local and US grown flowers. Using the season as our guide we create artful arrangements for everyday and events. We believe nature is transformative and hope that our work leaves you feeling more connected and curious about your outdoor surroundings.

We try to use practices that are a little kinder to those surroundings. We work with local growers and in our own gardens whenever possible to make our designs a true reflection of the season and also decrease transportation waste of fuel and packaging material. We never use floral foam, we compost, and offer limited designs to cut down on unused materials and offer fresher, longer lasting flowers.

The Local and American Grown Difference.

The vast majority of flowers sold at florists or grocery stores in Nebraska today were grown in South American countries where they can be cheaply produced and imported tax-free. Most of these flowers have been bred for dry shipping, long waits in customs, and mass production. These flowers tend to be stiff, without fragrance, and often contain toxic chemicals. 

Prairie Wild loves to use local and American grown flowers because of unique color, graceful shape, fragrance, and freshness. Without our skilled local and American growers we would not be able to bring our clients truly seasonal designs filled with these beauties. Your purchase not only supports a local creative company, you also support specialty cut-flower farmers in Nebraska and other states.

Why not Local all the time??

We love Nebraska grown flowers, but the reality is Nebraska has very few professional growers. We hope to be a small part of helping this shift by supporting local growers whenever possible. When it is not possible we source from other midwest and US growers.